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Context. INTEGRAL, the European Space Agency’s γ-ray observatory, tripled the number of super-giant high-mass X-ray binaries (sgHMXB) known in the Galaxy by revealing absorbed and fast transient (SFXT) systems. Aims. In these sources, quantitative constraints on the wind clumping of the massive stars could be obtained from the study of the hard X-ray(More)
Quantitative constraints on the wind clumping of massive stars can be obtained from the study of the hard X-ray variability of SFXTs. In these systems, a large fraction of the hard Xray emission is emitted in the form of flares with typical duration of 3 ksec, frequency of 7 days and luminosity of 10 ergs/s. Such flares are most probably emitted by the(More)
A probe method for determining the guide wavelength within a dielectric (silicon) waveguide is presented. The experimental results are compared to previously measured experimental values obtained with resonant silicon dielectric cavities and to the theoretical values as determined by Marcatili's theory. There is good agreement between the two experimental(More)
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