Remco N.A.M. van den Heuvel

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This paper has addressed decade sought-after questions on phase bilateral distribution and stationary phase retention in any J-type high-speed counter-current chromatographic (CCC) centrifuge. Using a 2-D spiral column operated on such a CCC device and an aqueous two-phase system, this work systematically observed the phase interaction during transitional(More)
Flow visualisation is essential when trying to understand hydrodynamic equilibrium in continuous counter-current extraction (CCCE) (also known as dual-flow counter-current chromatography). The technique allows two immiscible liquid phases to be pumped through the spinning coil simultaneously in opposite directions. When this process was described previously(More)
This paper describes the observations made in dual-flow counter-current chromatography. For the first time, the behaviour of the phases inside a spiral dual-flow coil has been studied using stroboscopic visualisation. During the study it was observed that the phase distribution and the linear flow rate in the tubing were not uniform throughout the coil, but(More)
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