Remco J. Wiegerink

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  • Henk Wensink, Meint J De Boer, Remco J Wiegerink, Robert A F Zwijze, Miko C Elwenspoek
  • 1998
In this paper, a bulk micromachined silicon load cell is presented, designed for loads up to 1000 kg. ANSYS simulations were used to determine the load cell dimensions and strain gauge positions. The load cell consists of two parts, which are bonded to each other using Low Temperature Silicon Direct Bonding processes (LTSDB). To isolate the membrane with(More)
– A thermal flow sensor has been realised consisting of freely-suspended silicon-rich silicon-nitride microchannels with an integrated Al/poly-Si ++ thermopile in combination with up-and downstream Al heater resistors. The inherently zero offset of the thermopile is exploited in a feedback loop controlling the dissipated power in the heater resistors,(More)
  • Remco J Wiegerink, Arjan Floris, Ram K Jaganatharaja, Nima Izadi, Theo S J Lammerink, Gijs J M Krijnen
  • 2007
—In this paper we report on the latest developments in biomimetic flow-sensors based on the flow sensitive mechano-sensors of crickets. Crickets have one form of acoustic sensing evolved in the form of mechanoreceptive sensory hairs. These filiform hairs are highly perceptive to low-frequency sound with energy sensitivities close to thermal threshold.(More)
In this paper we present a compact ready-to-use micro Coriolis mass flow meter. The full scale flow is 2 g/h (for water at a pressure drop of 2 bar). It has a zero stability of 2 mg/h and an accuracy of 0.5% reading. The temperature drift between 10 and 50 ºC is below 1 mg/h/ºC. The meter is robust, has standard fluidic connections and can be read out by a(More)
Precise mass flow control is an essential requirement for novel, small-scale fluidic systems. However, a small-volume, low-leakage proportional control valve for minute fluid flows has not yet been designed or manufactured. A survey is therefore made of the primary design considerations of a micromachined, proportional control valve. Performance(More)
In this paper we describe the development of a system and model to analyze the composition of gas mixtures up to four components. The system consists of a Coriolis mass flow sensor, density, pressure and thermal flow sensor. With this system it is possible to measure the viscosity, density, heat capacity and flow rate of the medium. In a next step the(More)
Ever since its prediction, experimental investigation of the Casimir force has been of great scientific interest. Many research groups have successfully attempted quantifying the force with different device geometries; however, measurement of the Casimir force between parallel plates with sub-micron separation distance is still a challenging task, since it(More)
We have realized a micromachined single chip flow sensing system with an ultra-wide dynamic flow range of more than five decades, from 100 nL/h up to more than 10 mL/h. The system comprises both a thermal and a micro Coriolis flow sensor with partially overlapping flow ranges.
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