Rema Hariharan

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As the diversity of computer applications increases, so does the need to come up with newer benchmarks. Moreover, as the usage characteristics of applications change, it becomes necessary to update the relevant benchmarks to reflect these characteristics in the benchmarks appropriately. SPECweb96 was the first web benchmark based on the characteristics of(More)
In this paper, we illustrate a model-based approach to Web server performance evaluation, and present an analytic queueing model of Web servers in distributed environments. Performance predictions from the analytic model match well with the performance observed from simulation. The model forms an excellent basis for a decision support tool to allow system(More)
This paper presents a new method of construction of near perfect sequences of even length N = 2mn where m is an odd prime number and n = (2 J  + 1), J is an even number. We use a shift sequence associated with a primitive polynomial of degree 2J over a finite field GF(2), together with a pair of completely orthogonal sequences of length m to construct near(More)
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