Rema Ananthanarayanan

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Policy-based management of business systems is increasingly becoming the norm for autonomic computing since these systems can adapt to the changing needs and increasing complexity of the underlying organizations or enterprises. One of the vital characteristics of these systems is self-protection, ie., the ability to secure information and resources, by(More)
Data presented on commerce sites runs into thousands of pages, and is typically delivered from multiple back-end sources. This makes it difficult to identify incorrect, anomalous, or interesting data such as $9.99 air fares, missing links, drastic changes in prices and addition of new products or promotions. We describe a system that monitors Web sites(More)
Identification of named entities such as person, organization and product names from text is an important task in information extraction. In many domains, the same entity could be referred to in multiple ways due to variations introduced by different user groups, variations of spellings across regions or cultures, usage of abbreviations, typographical(More)
Typical commercial Web sites publish information from multiple back-end data sources; these data sources are also updated very frequently. Given the size of most commercial sites today, it becomes essential to have an automated means of checking for correctness and consistency of data. The eShopmonitor allows users to specify items of interest to be(More)
Emerging Managed Infrastructure as a Service (MIaaS) clouds allow enterprises to outsource their IT infrastructure as well as their IT management needs. One of the core tenets of a MIaaS cloud is a standardized service delivery model, allowing the cloud provider to provide infrastructure management services at a lower cost. As opposed to pure IaaS clouds(More)
Information assets in service enterprises are typically available as unstructured documents. There is an increasing need for unraveling information from these documents into a structured and semantic format. Structured data can be more effectively queried, which increases information reuse from asset repositories. This paper addresses the problem of(More)
Various phases in the delivery of software services such as solution design, application deployment, and maintenance require analysis of the dependencies of software products that form the solution. As software systems become more complex and involve a large number of software products from multiple vendors, availability of correct and up-to-date system(More)