Relu Laurentiu Tataru

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This paper proposes a modified blind DCT watermarking method for grayscale images, by the use of chaotic maps. The proposed method is resilient to certain watermarking attacks (compression, filtering, noise addition, cropping etc.) and represents an improvement in terms of security for Zhao et al.'s method. Furthermore, we propose a watermark removal(More)
This paper proposes a steganographic method based on adaptive least-significant bit (LSB) approach, using pixel-value differencing (PVD) and chaotic sequences to embed high capacity messages in a secure manner. Difference values of two adjacent pixels are used to estimate the secret bits number to insert in corresponding pixels. This technique has the(More)
This paper presents an image hashing algorithm using robust features from jointed frequency domains. Extracted features are enciphered using a secure chaotic system. The proposed hashing scheme is robust to JPEG compression with low quality factors. This scheme also withstands several image processing attacks such us filtering, noise addition and some(More)
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