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A large and tragic underground collapse occurred in the Crandall Canyon coal mine in east-central Utah on 6 Aug 2007, causing the loss of six miners and attracting national attention. This collapse was accompanied by a local magnitude (M L) 3.9 seismic event having a location and origin time coincident with the collapse, within current uncertainty limits.(More)
In this paper, we present an integrated set of algorithms for the automatic detection, association, and location of low-frequency acoustic events using regional networks of infrasound arrays. Here, low-frequency acoustic events are characterized by transient signals, which may arise from a range of natural and anthropogenic sources, examples of which(More)
Understanding the source properties responsible for infrasound generation is critical to developing a seismo-acoustic data discriminant to distinguish between near-surface explosions and earthquakes. The regional seismicity, complex topography, open-pit quarries, and subsurface mining in the Utah region create a unique setting for the study of near-field(More)
4 heifers (268 to 400 kg live weight) were fed with four rations containing corn silage and corn flour in ratios of 82:18 (I), 65:35 (II), 45:55 (III) and 25:75 (IV). Urea was added to achieve an N balance. The rations were aimed at a daily weight gain of 700-800 g. The digestibility of the rations, their metabolizable energy, heat production and retained(More)
PURPOSE The effectiveness of posaconazole (PSZ) prophylaxis on invasive fungal infections, in patients presenting with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), seems to be correlated to its blood plasma concentration. Our goal was to identify the risk factors for underdosing. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the records of patients treated for AML(More)
The change of body composition, energy content and energy and protein balance was studied in White Leghorn pullets from hatching to 140 days of age. The animals received corn, soybean meal and fish meal based diets ensuring maximal growth. Correlations were established between ingested feed and body weight gain both from the point of view of quantity and(More)
Infrasonic signals from the February 21, 2008 Wells earthquake were observed at five infrasonic arrays in Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. The records include acoustic signals generated in the epicentral area that propagated through the atmosphere to the arrays and signals generated by ground motion at the infrasonic array (local infrasound) that coupled into(More)
The authors used the empirical equations of mathematical modelling for the energy and protein balance simulation, with the view of calculating the body weight gain in broilers fed various diets. The results found by using the model were compared with the experimental data obtained by several authors. A standard deviation of +/- 1.20% and a mean error of +/-(More)
We propose to install a PIDC 7.0 version of the Web Subsystem (CSC 4.6) into PIDC Operations. This release will form the basis for IDC Release 3.0, which will be delivered, installed and validated at the International Data Centre (IDC) in the autumn of 2000. Notable changes in Web are: improved navigation tools (menu-driven calendar system) to allow(More)
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