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OBJECTIVE To determine characteristics of patients requiring readmission to an intensive care unit (ICU). DESIGN Retrospective case-control chart review. SETTING Adult patients in an 8-bed medical and 16-bed surgical ICU in a 650-bed university teaching hospital during an 18-month period. INTERVENTIONS None. METHODS Each patient readmitted to either(More)
We performed a randomized controlled trial of an attachable subcutaneous cuff for the prevention of central vascular catheter-related infection among patients receiving intensive care. Catheters were placed percutaneously into new sites with or without a cuff and were dressed with polyantibiotic ointment containing polymyxin, neomycin, and bacitracin.(More)
Two pairs of alleles, at the two loci of hexosaminidase (HEX), were found to segregate in an Arab inbred family: the normal and the mutant Tay-Sachs (TSD) alleles of HEX A, and the normal and a mutant allele of HEX B. Since the mutant HEX B is heat labile, no reliable identification of TSD genotypes can be obtained in its presence, as long as the(More)
Cardiomyocyte development switches from hyperplasmic to hypertrophic growth between postnatal days 3 and 4 in rats. The mechanisms responsible for this transition have been controversial. beta-Adrenergic receptor (betaAR) activation of mitogenic responses in vitro has been reported. We hypothesized that tonic activation of the betaAR signaling regulates(More)
Temporary dual chamber atrioventricular (AV) pacing is often used to increase cardiac output (CO) after cardiac surgery. The AV interval was varied to investigate the effect on CO in 13 patients. CO was computed from the Fick principle using mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2), arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2), hemoglobin, and oxygen consumption (VO2).(More)
Hydrochloric acid (HCl) infusions for the correction of metabolic alkalosis have been used for 20 yr. In the critical care setting, HCl is usually infused through a central venous or pulmonary artery (PA) catheter. In two patients receiving HCl infusions through a PA catheter, we observed and examined solid yellow particulate material in the aspirating(More)
In vitro prolactin (hPrl) secretion by explants of decidual tissue was studied in pre-eclampsia and normal controls. Our results indicate diminished hPrl production by decidua of pre-eclampsia as compared to the normal controls. Incubation of normal decidual tissue in the presence of serum obtained from pre-eclamptic patients did not induce an inhibitory(More)
The presence of anti-myelin antibodies (Abs) in patients with early multiple sclerosis (MS) and in MS animal models has led to renewed interest in the role of B cells, plasma cells and their products in the pathogenesis of the disease, and in their therapeutic potential. Here, we present a novel strategy based on filamentous phage display of the myelin(More)
  • R F Kopel
  • Suicide & life-threatening behavior
  • 1977
This essay is a personal account of situations experienced by a medical technician in a large emergency room. It includes examples of stressful situations that daily confront medical personnel and the inability of medical institutions to aid them in understanding and coping with death and.dying. Stemming from these stressful situations, the paper(More)
Homozygosity for a mutant allele at the beta-chain locus of hexosaminidase (HEX), resulting in a variant of heat-labile HEX B, is reported for the first time in two healthy children. HEX activity in their sera, leukocytes, and cultured skin fibroblasts is severely deficient when measured on the synthetic substrate 4-MU-GLcNAc. However, their cultured skin(More)