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Firstly, we propose and investigate a dyadic Cantor set (DCS) and its kinetic counterpart where a generator divides an interval into two equal parts and removes one with probability (1 − p). The generator is then applied at each step to all the existing intervals in the case of DCS and to only one interval, picked with probability according to interval(More)
In interpreting a sentence, listeners rely on a variety of linguistic cues to assign grammatical roles such as agent and patient. The present study considered the relative ranking of three cues to agenthood (word order, noun animacy, and subject-verb agreement) in normal and aphasic speakers of Hindi. Because animacy plays a grammatical role in Hindi(More)
Around the world, trading in the stock market has gained huge attractiveness as a means through which, one can obtain vast profits. Attempting to profitably and precisely predict the financial market has long engrossed the interests and attention of bankers, economists and scientists alike. Stock market prediction is the act of trying, to determine the(More)
Localization and segmentation are important task in medical image analysis. As we know detection of optic nerves is also a major problem in automated retinal image analysis system. Image segmentation of medical image is very complex and crucial step, in this series segmentation of retinal image is more complex in comparison of others. For the retinal image(More)
Studies were conducted into 80 pregnant crossbred cows belonging in equal numbers to 1/2Friesian (F) 1/2Gir (G) and 1/2Jersey (J) 1/2G genetic groups to determine the effect of pregnancy on body weight (B.W.) and pelvic conformation of the dam. Mean B.W. started to increase in 1/2F1/2G/1/2J1/2G genetic groups from 406.08 +/- 6.16/375.45 +/- 7.73 kg on the(More)
Six semen samples were obtained from each of the four healthy Murrah buffalo bulls and preserved at 5 degrees C up to 72 h in EYC diluter treated with glycerol (5, 7, 9 and 11%), mannitol (0.5, 1.5 and 3%), sorbitol (1, 2 and 4%), lecithin (1, 2 and 3%) and cholesterol (0.5, 1 and 2.5%). EYC diluter with semen (1:20) was kept as control. Individual motility(More)
A study was conducted on 851 cows (Gir cows and their crossbreeds) between 1971 and 1984 at the Livestock Farm of the All India Coordinated Research Project on Cattle in Jabalpur, India. The cows were impregnated with frozen or fresh semen from 90 bulls and a total of 2699 pregnancies resulted. An overall incidence of prenatal mortality was recorded at(More)