Rekha P. Kulkarni

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For a second kind integral equation with a kernel which is less smooth along the diagonal, an approximate solution obtained by using a method proposed by the author in an earlier paper, is shown to have a higher rate of convergence than the iterated Galerkin solution. The projection is chosen to be either the orthogonal projection or an interpolatory(More)
The classical weighted spline introduced by Ph. Cinquin (1981), (see also K. Salkauskas (1984) and T.A. Foley (1986)) consists in minimizing ∫ a b w(t)(x″(t))2 dt under the conditionsx(t i )=y i ,i=1,...,n, where the functionw is piecewise constant on the subdivisiona<t 1<t 2<...<t n <b. The solution is a cubic spline, but it is notC 2. We consider here the(More)
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