Rekha P. Kulkarni

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Here we propose a new method based on projections for the approximate solution of eigenvalue problems. For an integral operator with a smooth kernel, using an interpolatory projection at Gauss points onto the space of (discontinuous) piecewise polynomials of degree ≤ r − 1, we show that the proposed method exhibits an error of the order of 4r for eigenvalue(More)
— Hadoop is an open source Map-Reduce platform, which has been widely used for big data processing in large scale distributed system. The original task scheduling algorithm of Hadoop cannot cater to the performance requirements of heterogeneous clusters. According to the dynamic change of load of each slave node and the difference of node performance of(More)
In Android devices, Memory management has become a major concern because it has significant impact on system performance and battery life. Also it is important to efficiently use and manage the internal and external memory space present inside the mobile operating system. So it is essential to make a facility that helps in reducing memory consumption. The(More)
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