Rekha Krishna Pillai

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β-Catenin acts as a structural protein at cell-cell adherens junctions and as a transcription activator mediating Wnt signal transduction. Altered β-catenin expression has been associated with loss of cell differentiation and acquisition of an invasive phenotype. In the present study, β-catenin expression was compared immunohistochemically between oral(More)
THE activating effect of arsenate on glycolysis in alcoholic fermentation as well as in muscle brei and extracts has been known for a long time [Harden & Young, 1906; 1911; Meyerhof, 1921], and it was also known that this activation is due specifically to increased hexosediphosphate breakdown [Harden & Young, 1911; Meyerhof, 1918]. The assumption that the(More)
BACKGROUND Barr body is formed from random inactivation and condensation of one of the two female chromosomes in virtually all the somatic cells of female mammals. Buccal smears have been reported to be potential sources of Barr bodies. AIM This study was done to assess the efficacy of acriflavine (AF) Schiff and Papanicolaou (PAP) stains in sex(More)
BACKGROUND The increasingly frequent use of contrast enhanced imaging for diagnosis or interventions in patients with CAD has generated concern about avoidance of contrast induced nephropathy (CIN). Reactive oxygen species have been shown to cause CIN. OBJECTIVES Angiographic contrasts worsen the renal function in patients with renal failure. We studied(More)
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