Rekha B. Puranik

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BACKGROUND/AIM Intestinal tuberculosis needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis when patients with intestinal pathology are encountered. Tuberculosis can mimic other disease entities like, ischemic enteritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, malignancies, intussusception etc., clinically as well as morphologically in resected intestinal specimens.(More)
A begomovirus and its associated alpha- and betasatellite were detected in tomato plants affected with leaf curl disease. Based on a nucleotide sequence identity of 99 %, this begomovirus was designated an isolate of cotton leaf curl Burewala virus (CLCuBuV). The alphasatellite exhibited 93 % sequence identity to cotton leaf curl Burewala alphasatellite(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives were to correlate the modified fluorescent method with the conventional Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method for the detection of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) and, also to study the efficacy and advantages of using the auramine-rhodamine stain on lymph node aspirates under fluorescent microscopy. METHODS In 108 consecutive patients with a(More)
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