Reka R Letso

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A hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases is accumulation of misfolded proteins within neurons, leading to cellular dysfunction and cell death. Although several mechanisms have been proposed to link protein misfolding to cellular toxicity, the connection remains enigmatic. Here, we report a cell death pathway involving protein disulfide isomerase (PDI),(More)
Degeneracy in the genetic code, which enables a single protein to be encoded by a multitude of synonymous gene sequences, has an important role in regulating protein expression, but substantial uncertainty exists concerning the details of this phenomenon. Here we analyse the sequence features influencing protein expression levels in 6,348 experiments using(More)
Non-apoptotic cell death mechanisms are largely uncharacterized despite their importance in physiology and disease [1]. Here we sought to systematically identify non-apoptotic cell death pathways in mammalian cells. We screened 69,612 compounds for those that induce non-canonical cell death by counter screening in the presence of inhibitors of apoptosis and(More)
Small molecule modulators of protein activity have proven invaluable in the study of protein function and regulation. While inhibitors of protein activity are relatively common, small molecules that can increase protein abundance are rare. Small molecule protein upregulators with targeted activities would be of value in the study of the mechanisms(More)
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