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In the course of an SAR study of pyrrole[3,4-d]pyridazinones we optimized conditions for a one pot directed lithiation / alkylation reaction that also promoted in situ cleavage of a Boc-protecting group on the pyrrole ring. The efficiency of the process allowed access to a number of substituted analogues of interest as possible antitumor agents.
Glutamine and tyrosine-based amino acid conjugates of monocarboxylate transporter types 1 and 2 inhibitors (MCT1/2) were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their potency in blocking the proliferation of a human B lymphoma cell line that expresses the transporters Asct2, LAT1 and MCT1. Appropriate placement of an amino acid transporter recognition(More)
Constitutively active BCR-ABL kinase fusions are causative mutations in the pathogenesis of hematopoietic neoplasias including chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). Although these fusions have been successfully targeted with kinase inhibitors, drug-resistance and relapse continue to limit long-term survival, highlighting the need for continued innovative drug(More)
A direct and scalable route to γ-keto-α,β-unsaturated esters, useful intermediates in medicinal chemistry and natural products synthesis, is reported. The key step involves the use of Grubbs' second-generation olefin metathesis catalyst for cross-metathesis of alkyl acrylates and 2° allylic alcohols. The metathesis step is followed by oxidation to give the(More)
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