Rejane Guimaraes

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study in rodents was to determine the pathologic basis for enhancement patterns of hyperplastic and tumours lymph nodes shown by MR lymphography after IV injection of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (AMI-227). MATERIALS AND METHODS Hyperplastic and tumorous lymph nodes were imaged in vivo at 1.5 T 1 day after IV(More)
The rate of reepithelialization of the rabbit cornea, receiving isotonic NaCl solution and acetylcysteine (Mucomyst) solution at 10 and 20% concentrations, following a superficial epithelial ulcer was studied by fluorescein staining, photography and light microscopy. Acetylcysteine solution does not seem to retard normal epithelial healing compared with(More)
OBJECTIVE The significance of sonographic findings 1 week or less after appendectomy is difficult to evaluate without knowing the inconsequential abnormalities that may occur in these patients. Accordingly, we performed postoperative sonography on patients who had a normal course after appendectomy to determine the findings that can be considered normal(More)
The healing of a de-epithelialized cornea was measured by serial standardized photography after treatment with different antibiotics. Histological studies were also performed. Low doses of bacitracin (500 units/mL), gentamicin sulfate (3 mg/mL), neomycin (3.5 mg/mL), and chloramphenicol (4 mg/mL) did not retard normal epithelial healing. However, higher(More)
To explore the variability in biosensor studies, 150 participants from 20 countries were given the same protein samples and asked to determine kinetic rate constants for the interaction. We chose a protein system that was amenable to analysis using different biosensor platforms as well as by users of different expertise levels. The two proteins (a 50-kDa(More)
EDGF, a growth factor purified from bovine retina is able to increase the rate of wound healing of rabbit corneal epithelium in a dose dependent way. Two applications a day are enough to obtain the maximum rate. The most purified preparation of EDGF is as effective as EGF or pFGF in promoting this phenomenon and allows the epithelium to reach its normal(More)
We used wide-field color specular microscopy to study the corneal epithelium of 13 normal subjects and 13 patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. The frequencies of small, medium, and large cells were different in the two groups, with a shift to small cells in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Increased uptake of rose bengal dye, filaments, coarse(More)
The Purkinje network is not macroscopically visible in human hearts. Sunao Tawara found himself in trouble in the early 1900s, when studying the human heart network. He gained a much better understanding of the net after starting to work with ungulates' hearts. The ungulate heart is proposed as an auxiliary didactic model for the study of the human(More)