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The authors investigated the condition of self-physique perception and eating behavior, and the relationship between self-physique perception and eating behavior of high school students in Japan. Regarding self-physique perception, subjects were shown six pictures of physiques and asked to choose one physique each for their actual physique and their ideal(More)
This study investigates how employment in family planning affects the status of community workers. The focus is on three critical variables: prestige, professional status, and social influence. The data are derived from a focus-group study conducted in 1987-88 in the Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Project in Matlab, Bangladesh. Focus-group(More)
This article describes a process of diffusion of family planning information, ideas, and technology among an unanticipated audience of young, unmarried women in rural Bangladesh. The data are derived from a focus-group study conducted in 1987-88 in the Maternal Child Health and Family Planning Project in Matlab, Bangladesh. A discussion with a staff member(More)
OBJECTIVES Normal activity monitoring methods are mainly useful for relatively healthy and ablebodied people, but are not necessarily appropriate for elderly persons who may have difficulty in walking, or for the frail who may be bedridden. The purpose of this study was to examine 24-hour heart rate recording for the comparison of activity levels in daily(More)
We surveyed the prevalence of obesity in the general population in Jamaica, and examined the relationship between it and lifestyle. The survey population consisted of 1,935 inhabitants in Jamaica, whose body weight, height, marital status, educational history, employment status and other obesity-associated lifestyle factors were surveyed. Six major findings(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate cardiovascular responses to orthostatic stress in patients with cerebrovascular accidents (CVA). METHODS Twelve male patients with CVA, 11 healthy elderly and 12 healthy young males participated in the present study. The CVA patients had suffered stroke with hemiplegia at least 11 months prior to the study, their medical(More)
Life expectancy does not necessarily match quality of life (QOL). A cohort study involving a population of 10,107 in a certain city of Japan was conducted to evaluate active life expectancy (ALE), which has a direct relationship with QOL. The ALE that took functional recovery rates into account was 17.20 and 19.08 years for males and females respectively,(More)
Several frameworks for understanding the quality of family planning care have been proposed. However, efforts to measure and quantify their components remain underdeveloped, especially with regard to nonclinical care and community-based distribution. This study examines a large-scale field survey conducted among married women of reproductive age in rural(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between feeling of well-being and clinical depression for a large number of residents in a provincial city in northern Tohoku. The research sought to clarify whether one's lifestyle might play a role in whether one suffered a state of clinical depression. METHODS The study used survey(More)