Reinout van Schouwen

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BACKGROUND One of the main challenges for biomedical research lies in the computer-assisted integrative study of large and increasingly complex combinations of data in order to understand molecular mechanisms. The preservation of the materials and methods of such computational experiments with clear annotations is essential for understanding an experiment,(More)
The Concept Profile Analysis technology (overlapping co-occurring concept sets based on knowledge contained in biomedical abstracts) has led to new biomedical discoveries, and users have been able to interact with concept profiles through the interactive tool “Anni” ( However, Anni provides no way for users to save their(More)
Agent platforms designed for Internet-scale, open networks need scalable and secure location services for agents and services. The location service based on the Fonkey public key distribution infrastructure presented in this paper has been designed and implemented for this purpose. It is scalable in the total number of published identifier–contact address(More)
In this thesis, the design of Foncation is presented. Foncation is an agent location service for mobile agent platforms such as AgentScape. It is designed to handle a high amount of concurrent registration and lookup requests, and to guarantee authenticity of the stored data. In contrast to many other location service designs, Foncation does not impose a(More)
Free Software has certain characteristics that create usability problems. Translations are usually not considered as possible causes of those problems. Several areas in the GNOME desktop environment are shown to suffer from decreased usability caused by translations. A number of measures are proposed to improve the situation.
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