Reinier H. van Leuken

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Due to the reliance on the textual information associated with an image, image search engines on the Web lack the discriminative power to deliver visually diverse search results. The textual descriptions are key to retrieve relevant results for a given user query, but at the same time provide little information about the rich image content. In this paper(More)
With ever growing databases containing multimedia data, indexing has become a necessity to avoid a linear search. We propose a novel technique for indexing multimedia databases in which entries can be represented as graph structures. In our method, the topological structure of a graph as well as that of its subgraphs are represented as vectors whose(More)
Indexing has become a key element in the pipeline of a multimedia retrieval system, due to continuous increases in database size, data complexity, and complexity of similarity measures. The primary goal of any indexing algorithm is to overcome high computational costs involved with comparing the query to every object in the database. This is achieved by(More)
Content based music retrieval opens up large collections, both for the general public and music scholars. It basically enables the user to find (groups of) similar melodies, thus facilitating musicological research of many kinds. We present a graph spectral approach, new to the music retrieval field, in which melodies are represented as graphs, based on the(More)
Ensuring the uniqueness of trademark images and protecting their identities are the most important objectives for the trademark registration process. To prevent trademark infringement, each new trademark must be compared to a database of existing trademarks. Given a newly designed trademark image, trademark retrieval systems are not only concerned with(More)
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