Reinier Beeuwkes

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Uninephrectomized adult female dogs with chronic indwelling catheters were maintained on a low sodium diet and studied without anesthesia. Following hydration with 3% dextrose, an intravenous infusion of either arginine vasopressin (AVP) or of 1-desamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin (DDAVP) was begun. The dose was calculated to achieve a near maximal(More)
BEEUWKES, REINIER III. E$ erent vascular patterns and early vasculartubular relations in the dog kidney. Am. J. Physiol. 221(5): 1361-1374. 197 1 .-Glomerular efferent vascular patterns were studied in cleared dog kidneys injected with silicone rubber. In addition, to show vascular-tubular relations, kidneys were perfusion-fixed in vivo and their(More)
Some controversy has always existed regarding the presence and extent of the vasa vasorum--the nutrient vessels in the wall of the human aorta--in the coronary arteries. Now, cinemicrographic studies using silicone polymer injections in cleared human hearts have identified the vasa vasorum of coronary arteries, revealing evidence of neovascularization in(More)
X-ray microanalysis of frozen-hydrated tissue sections permits direct quantitative analysis of diffusible elements in defined cellular compartments. Because the sections are hydrated, elemental concentrations can be defined as wet-weight mass fractions. Use of these techniques should also permit determination of water fraction in cellular compartments.(More)
On the assumption that the antagonism between prostaglandin E2 and vasopressin might represent a negative feedback system, we evaluated the hypothesis that vasopressin stimulates, in vivo, the renal production of prostaglandins. For these studies we used Brattleboro homozygous rats with diabetes insipidus and Long-Evans rats for controls, Brattleboro(More)
The electrolyte and water content of cellular and interstitial compartments in the renal papilla of the rat was determined by x-ray microanalysis of frozen-hydrated tissue sections. Papillae from rats on ad libitum water were rapidly frozen in a slush of Freon 12, and sectioned in a cryomicrotome at -30 to -40 degrees C. Frozen 0.5-micrometer sections were(More)
The 7th biennial Hatter Cardiovascular Institute Workshop, comprising 21 leading basic science and clinical experts, was held in South Africa in August 2012 to discuss the current cutting edge status of cardioprotection and the application of cardioprotective modalities in the clinical management of myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury in the context of(More)
The distribution of sodium-potassium adenosine triposphatase (Na-K-ATPase) activity in kidney sections has been studied by a method based on the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate in alkaline medium containing dimethyl sulfoxide. The products at each stage in the reaction sequence have been subjected to electron probe microanalysis. The initial product(More)
The plural is used advisedly. Each of several microcirculations with specialized structural and functional properties is necessary to the physiologic functioning of the kidney. Newly elucidated aspects of renal vascular anatomy are mapped out and clearly related to the exchange processes that occur at the capillary level in each part of the nephron to(More)