Reinholds Zviedris

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The importance of the road infrastructure for the society could be compared with importance of blood vessels for humans. To ensure road surface quality it should be monitored continuously and repaired as necessary. The optimal distribution of resources for road repairs is possible providing the availability of comprehensive and objective real time data(More)
Monitoring wild animals, especially those that are becoming endangered (for example, lynxes and wolves) is important for biology researchers. Solutions for the monitoring already exist; however, they all have drawbacks, such as limited range or lifetime, sensing modality, reporting delays, unreliability of operation. In this work we describe our experiences(More)
Time to deployment for wireless sensor networks could be reduced by using commercial sensor nodes. However, this may lead to suboptimal flexibility, power consumption and cost of the system. Our pilot deployment for precision agriculture and fruit growing research showed similar conclusions and outlined the design decisions leading to SADmote: a new sensor(More)
The most important advantages of RFID technology are transmitting and receiving of information wirelessly as well as low implementation and maintenance costs. Such attractive features are reason for widespread usage of RFID systems - from tracking of assets to measurement of the timing during sporting events. To ensure secure operation of such systems they(More)
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