Reinhold Parth

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The effects of colectomy on acid-base status, extra-osseous and bone minerals, calciotropic hormones and bone morphology have not yet been studied. To rectify this, groups of normally fed male rats were subjected to distal (n=11), proximal (n=12) or total (n=12) colectomy. Sham-operated rats (n=12) served as controls. At 112 (+/-2) days after colectomy the(More)
In the literature the question as to what constitutes the most suitable faecal diversion procedure continues to be controversial. Between 1989 and 1994 at the Surgical Department of the University of Erlangen a total of 464 patients received intestinal stomas for a wide range of different indications. Of these procedures 41.6% (n = 193) were temporary(More)
Two cases of severe scapulohumeral osteoarthritis in Miniature ponies are described, one bilateral and the other unilateral. The condition is thought to occur in miniature breeds as a result of scapulohumeral dysplasia. The presentation in one of the ponies was unusal: it refused to pick up either fore limb, with progression to a uniquely bizarre gait with(More)
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