Reinhold Muller

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OBJECTIVES To examine the accuracy of previously developed prediction models of treadmill walking performance in patients with intermittent claudication (IC) due to peripheral arterial disease (PAD); and to examine the accuracy of new prediction models. DESIGN Analysis of data collected in a previous randomised clinical trial. MATERIALS Ninety-three(More)
OBJECTIVE To study neonatal outcomes associated with gastroschisis and exomphalos in a regional neonatal unit. METHODS A retrospective (1988-97) data analysis to study the effect of the type of defect/surgery, mode/place of delivery and associated anomalies on time to start and reach full feeds, duration of total parental nutrition (TPN) support and total(More)
BACKGROUND Patient education is integral part of any diabetes therapy in Germany, but elderly patients are not able to follow the variety of topics comprising standard treatment and teaching programmes (TTP), primarily due to impaired neuropsychological function. This leads to deficits in diabetes knowledge and hindered ability for diabetes self-management.(More)
It is accepted that Black subjects differ from White and Indian hypertensives in their response to hypotensive agents. Black hypertensives in the USA have a lower urinary tissue kallikrein (TK) excretion levels compared to White hypertensives. It has been suggested that Black patients respond better to thiazide diuretics compared to β-blockers because(More)
BACKGROUND Abdominal distension and bile stained aspirates are common in high-risk neonates under phototherapy (PT). OBJECTIVE To compare the incidence of ileus and related risk factors in extremely low birth weight (ELBW) neonates who did/did not receive PT. DESIGN/METHODS Retrospective detailed analysis of data on 52 consecutive ELBW neonatal(More)
In a five-year retrospective data analysis, incidence of > stage II necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) was four times higher in aboriginal (18/125) than non-aboriginal (11/306) neonates, all < or = 32 weeks' gestation. Stage III NEC occurred more frequently (10/18 vs 3/11) and related mortality was higher (44.4% vs 0%) in aboriginal than non-aboriginal(More)
Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue tends to be an indolent disease. Tumors that present as small, localized lesions of the anterior tongue have a median five-year survival greater than 70 percent whether treated by irradiation or surgery. Distant metastases occur in only 7.5 percent. This report describes a well-differentiated T1N0M0 squamous cell(More)
Pulsed Doppler recordings of intracranial arterial velocity waveforms were made in 9 hydrocephalic fetuses during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. Normal, increased, and decreased velocity waveform indices could be measured in these cases, and 1 fetus presented retrograde diastolic flow. Cerebral blood flow patterns of hydrocephalic fetuses seem(More)
The feeding regimen was standardised for a trial of erythromycin to reduce the time to reach full feeds (150 ml/kg/day) by 30% in neonates of < or = 32 weeks gestation. No significant improvement was noted in the primary outcome (median time: erythromycin 93.5 vs placebo 104 hours, p = 0.60). However, necrotising enterocolitis > or = stage II disappeared(More)