Reinhold Herzog

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Semantic Web Fred, SWF for short, is a context-independent, goal-driven system for automated execution of tasks that are delegated to electronic representatives along with dynamic service usage. A task is assigned to an agent for automated resolution, represented as a Goal. This is used to determine potential partners for collabora-tive task resolution, and(More)
Semantic Web Fred, SWF for short, is an environment for automated cooperation of agents on the Semantic Web that combines agent technology, ontologies, and Semantic Web Services. In alignment with the Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO, SWF applies emerging Semantic Web Services technologies for advanced automated goal resolution with dynamic service usage.(More)
This paper presents the FRED system, a development environment for agent-based applications that utilize Semantic Web resources. The FRED system consists of an agent runtime environment based on ontologies as the underlying data model and offers a tool suite for application development. It uses progressive technologies for task-service-resolution that(More)
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