Reinhilde Moser

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OBJECTIVE The aims of this investigation were to detect the prevalence and influencing factors of early postpartal depressive disorders in a large hospital sample. METHODS By means of an interview we acquired information on sociodemographic data, physical and psychiatric anamnesis, obstetric and psychological variables. The German version of the Edinburgh(More)
18542 Background: Many cancer therapies can cause infertility and impaired fecundity. These are important long term outcomes of concern for survivors, which can affect their quality of life. Little is known about the socio-demographic correlates of impaired fecundity (inability to get pregnant or carry child to term) in cancer survivors. The purpose of this(More)
Humour processing is a complex information-processing task that is dependent on cognitive and emotional aspects which presumably influence frame-shifting and conceptual blending, mental operations that underlie humour processing. The aim of the current study was to find distinctive groups of subjects with respect to black humour processing, intellectual(More)
Background: Aims of this investigation were to study the subjective psychological and physical stressful experience of childbirth burden on a scale with 7 choises and to determine physical and psychosocial factors, which influence delivery experience. Methods: Information on sociodemographic data, physical and psychiatric anamnesis, as well as obstetrical(More)
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