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Altogether, 750 cases of spontaneous abortion between the fifth and 25th week of gestation were analyzed cytogenetically by the direct-preparation method using chorionic villi. The majority of cases (68%) were derived from early abortions before the 12th week of gestation. The frequency of abnormal karyotypes was 50.1%; trisomy was predominant (62.1%),(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA detection and quantification are the key diagnostic tools for the management of hepatitis C. Commercially available HCV RNA assays are calibrated to the HCV genotype 1 (gt1)-based WHO standard. Significant differences between assays have been reported. However, it is unknown which assay matches the WHO standard best, and little(More)
We report our cytogenetic experience of 1554 early amniocenteses between weeks 11 and 14 of gestation, of which 44 per cent were performed prior to week 14. The mean culture time was 14.5 days. Karyotyping was successful in 99.7 per cent of cases. In 9.9 per cent of cases, there was pseudomosaicism with a high rate of loss of an X-chromosome and structural(More)
An experimental model was developed to elucidate the site of presystemic extraction of drugs with incomplete bioavailability due to high extraction after p.o. dosage. Domestic pigs received single i.v. or p.o. doses of midazolam (1 mg/kg) or flurazepam (2 mg/kg), two benzodiazepine derivatives with high presystemic extraction after p.o. dosage. Multiple(More)
In the skin of normal and atopic individuals, the expression of E-selectin (ELAM-1), L-selectin (LECAM-1), P-selectin (CD62), CD31 (PECAM), vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1), intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), and cutaneous lymphocyte antigen (CLA) were compared by immunostaining of skin biopsies which were taken from normal individuals (n(More)
The hepatic phosphatidylcholine (PC) transporter ATP-binding cassette (ABC) B4 flops PC from hepatocytes into bile, and its dysfunction causes chronic cholestasis and fibrosis. Because a nuclear receptor-dependent PC pathway has been determined to exert antidiabetic effects, we now analyzed the role of ABCB4 in glucose metabolism. We bred congenic(More)
OBJECTIVE A new method in prenatal diagnostics allows to demonstrate certain numeric chromosomal aneuploidies in amniotic cells within 24 h in contrast to conventional methods which take 1-3 weeks. MATERIALS The experience with this rapid fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) method is compared to standard karyotyping and its clinical relevance is(More)
Diabetic patients were subjected to exercise testing before and after a short antidiabetic therapy with phenformin, buformin or metformin. Primarily, changes of lactate and of the acid base balance, were analyzed. After therapy with biguanides all 24 patients had increased lactate levels before and after physical strain. Phenformin showed the greatest(More)
Very few cases of Wegener's granulomatosis which were associated with diabetes insipidus have hitherto been described. Our patient was a young man with severe (also histological) changes in the nose and paranasal sinuses. Typical pulmonal involvement developed. The hypothalamus seemed not to be affected; hyperprolactinemia, as described by other authors,(More)
Overexpression of the cell adhesion protein CD44v6 has been demonstrated in colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal tumors. While CD44v6 is upregulated in benign colorectal adenomas and well-differentiated colorectal cancer tissues, downregulation frequently occurs during disease progression. The mechanism of downregulation, however, is unknown.(More)