Reinhild Born

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The duration of DNA synthesis of a diploid cell line of Chinese hamster fibroblasts was determined in a comparative study by the FLM technique, and also by a new technique for measuring the rate of DNA synthesis of individual cells. These methods produced comparable results when applied during exponential growth of the cells. The rate of DNA synthesis was(More)
Delayed reproductive death, the appearance of colonies with a reduced cell density (impaired colonies) and the number of giant cells per colony were investigated in murine fibrosarcoma cells after irradiation with 3 to 9 Gy of x-rays. Radiation survivors were replated after reaching confluence, which occurred after 13 to 15 doublings; this procedure was(More)
The clonogenic potential of the progeny of irradiated cells was tested in vitro by replating irradiated cultures after various times, allowing between five and over 25 subsequent divisions to take place after irradiation. Whereas the plating efficiency of surviving Chinese hamster cells was not decreased, in C3H10T1/2 cells a dose-dependent but slight(More)