Reinhart Jurgens

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The visual compatibility of 30 drug additives with total parenteral nutrient (TPN) solutions (4.25% amino acids, 25% dextrose injection) was studied. For each drug additive, three TPN solutions were mixed; two were stored for 22 hours at 4 C then allowed to equilibrate to room temperature for two hours. Two 25-ml samples from each TPN solution were examined(More)
The ability to perceive sounds and correctly categorize them within a scale is the result of the interaction between inherited capabilities and acquired rules. If a subject listens to a melody, occasional and unexpected endings of the melody typically evoke characteristic auditory evoked responses in the latency range of 300-400 ms (P300). Also, earlier(More)
The maximum concentrations of phosphate that will remain soluble in a parenteral nutrient solution containing various concentrations of calcium chloride or calcium gluconate were determined. Various concentrations of sodium phosphate were mixed with FreAmine II (McGaw Laboratories), and the resulting solutions were mixed with 50% dextrose solutions(More)
Seventeen postmenopausal subjects were randomized into this comparative study of esterified estrogen 0.625 mg (Estratab), esterified estrogen 0.625 mg plus 1.25 mg methyltestosterone (Estratest H.S.), or conjugated estrogen 0.625 mg (Premarin). Sixteen subjects completed the study in which plasma hormone concentrations of estrone and estradiol were assessed(More)