Reinhart D. Kühne

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Several microscopic traffic flow models have been tested with a publicly available data set. The task was to predict the travel times between several observers along a one-lane rural road, given as boundary conditions the flow into this road and the flow out of it. By using nonlinear optimization, for each of the models the best matching set of parameters(More)
A macroscopic freeway model of traffic flow is presented which can be used for simulation of freeway traffic under heavy traffic conditions. The model regards essentially two different reactions of car following behaviour (1) relaxation to a static speed-density relation (empirical fundamental diagram) (2) anticipation of traffic conditions downstream. The(More)
We analyze the characteristic features of traffic breakdown. To describe this phenomenon we apply the probabilistic model regarding the jam emergence as the formation of a large car cluster on a highway. In these terms, the breakdown occurs through the formation of a certain critical nucleus in the metastable vehicle flow, which enables us to confine(More)
Services will be the economic driver for 3G mobile networks and beyond. For the provision of new services a charging architecture supporting fast and easy integration of new services on the one hand and enabling versatile tariff models on the other hand is of vital importance. In this paper we present a service-oriented charging architecture. The key idea(More)
1. Abstract There is a basic need in transportation planning and traffic engineering for developing and testing traffic models of different granularity. Although our major interest is the replication of traffic within larger areas, both the current research on traffic safety and the desire to improve the quality of microscopic simulations makes it necessary(More)
MultiSat WebService is a spaceborne service concept primarily to support, extend or substitute information services for mobility and traffic purposes. It allows the determination of traffic data from space on a global and near-real-time scale. Main objective is to provide a profitable service for mobility and traffic management. A market survey being made(More)
For the new European satellite navigation system Galileo many new applications are envisaged using the enhanced features with the reliability and accuracy of the system. Most applications focus on the transport area where new approaches are dealing with increased traffic and road safety using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The paper shows how(More)