Reinhardt Wenzina

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Translating clinical practice guidelines into a computer-interpretable format is a challenging and laborious task. In this project we focus on supporting the early steps of the modeling process by automatically identifying conditional activities in guideline documents in order to model them automatically in further consequence. Therefore, we developed a(More)
The modeling of clinical guidelines in order to apply them in computerized medical tools is a challenging and laborious task. In this project we show that conditional subordination links--a temporal relation concept of TimeML--can be used to describe condition-based activities in a guideline. Therefore, we extend the specification of TimeML concerning(More)
Clinical practice guidelines aim at raising the quality of healthcare. They are written in a narrative style and have to be translated into a computer-interpretable guideline (CIG) to be usable in a clinical software application. In this project we present the GOALS methodology which defines a stepwise approach to support this modeling process. The(More)
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