Reinhard Walter Kaplan

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Prototrophs arising in mixtures of two auxotrophs of Serratia marcescens strain HY are caused by a filtrable agent produced by one of the partners. 3. donors of this filtrable agent, HY/thyl, HY/ade11, and HY/thr2, were found among 16 auxotrophs, strain HY/thyl producing the agent of the highest activity. The prototrophic wildtype HY is not a donor. The(More)
I. Problemstellung. Das Problem der BeeinfluBbarkeit des RSntgenmutationsprozesses durch physiko-chemisch einigerma~en fibersehbare Ver/~nderungen des Zellzustandes besch~ftigt den Verfasser schon seit l~ngerem. Ist doch zu hoffen, dab auf diese Weise einige Einblicke in den kausalen Mechanismus des Mutationsgeschehens zu gewinnen sind. Diese Arbeiten an(More)
The dose-effect curve is a bas ic expe r imen ta l resu l t necessary for t he b iophys ica l ana lys is of biological r ad i a t i on effects. I t can ind ica te the n u m b e r o f single molecu la r events necessary in a cell to in i t i a te reac t ions leading to t he biological effect observed, e. g. mu ta t i on . The following pages dea l wi th(More)
~) D o e r r , W . Virehows Arch. 313, 13"] (1944). ~ )Doer r , W. , K r a f t , . A ; , und B a u s c h k e , .I., Klin. Wschr. 24/25, 749 (1947). ~) D e e r r , W., Vortrag im KWI Heidelberg am 12. 1. 1948. ~) P o h l , J., Arch. exp. Path. u. Pharm. 3741S/[J9 ~1896). ") I Iansen, K. Slg. Vergift.f~llel, A 77 i75 (]~3~ " ) t e n Berg , J .A .G. ,NeederhTi(More)