Reinhard V Putz

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PURPOSE Undefined middle foot pain among older individuals is an increasingly problem. Thereby the tarso-metatarsal joints (Lisfranc's joint, TMT joints) are particularly important for foot structure. The aim of this study was to obtain into force transmission in TMT joints by analysing degenerative morphological changes (DMC) of the articular cartilage and(More)
STUDY DESIGN The intrauterine axial rotational characteristics of the lumbar spine were analyzed and quantified sonographically. OBJECTIVES To determine whether axial rotational movements of the lumbar spine occur prenatally, which may influence the morphogenesis of the zygapophysial joints. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previously, the development of(More)
Recension This book buys into the current trend of structuring every and any target-oriented interpersonal interaction in education , ongoing education and on-the-job training along competency boundaries. More than anything else, key competency has become a slogan that dominates every program and renders colorless any conventional educational approaches,(More)
The role of the facet joint in low back pain has gained public attention lately. The objective of our study was to investigate whether there is any difference in the adaptation of the cancellous bone in the superior articular process depending on the specific stress condition in different levels of the spine. Therefore, the trabecular structure of the(More)
The vertebral bodies and vertebral arches show a characteristic distribution of cortical and cancellous bone. The pedicles are loaded by uniplanar bending that is reflected by the arrangement of the Corticalis. The ligaments of the vertebral column consist of longitudinal and (with exception of the lig. longitudinal anterius) horizontal/oblique segmental(More)
The stability of the carpus is determined by a precise interaction of the osseous and ligamentous elements. The main load of the carpus responsible for the adaptation of concerned tissues is a longitudinal compression caused by the force of the muscles of the forearm with their insertions to the metacarpus and fingers. As a consequence, the proximal row is(More)
The inner surface of 25 thumb metacarpophalangeal joints were investigated and the arrangement and structure of different folds protruding into the joint cavity at the level of the joint cleft studied. At the ulnar and radial sides, compact wedgeshaped folds are found consisting of collagenous fibres, which connect with the fibrous layer of the joint(More)
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