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OBJECT Although the hypertrophied shape of the zygapophysial joints in degenerative instability of the lumbar spine is well known, its underlying pathophysiological mechanism is unclear. The authors sought to provide evidence that there is increased fibrocartilaginous metaplasia in the posterior joint capsule resulting from greater mechanical loading; the(More)
The skeleton of the human hand has its evolutionary origin in the anterior fin of primitive fishes following a reduction process. Starting with 20 to 30 elements, the number of bones reduces to eight. This does not follow a continuous pattern but is influenced by environmental factors. This becomes particularly evident when considering the development of(More)
The objective of this study was to develop a technique for analyzing spatial patterns of cartilage loss in the medial femoral condyle (MF), and to study MF cartilage loss in participants of the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Using a 0.7 mm sagittal double echo at steady state (DESS) sequence, 160 osteoarthritic knees from 80 participants with varying degrees of(More)
PURPOSE Undefined middle foot pain among older individuals is an increasingly problem. Thereby the tarso-metatarsal joints (Lisfranc's joint, TMT joints) are particularly important for foot structure. The aim of this study was to obtain into force transmission in TMT joints by analysing degenerative morphological changes (DMC) of the articular cartilage and(More)
STUDY DESIGN The intrauterine axial rotational characteristics of the lumbar spine were analyzed and quantified sonographically. OBJECTIVES To determine whether axial rotational movements of the lumbar spine occur prenatally, which may influence the morphogenesis of the zygapophysial joints. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previously, the development of(More)
At first sight this is a book with an uncontroversial title. Who is not at times and under the most various of circumstances going to, or be obliged to, opt for group work? But its focus is on a topic the potential of which is often underestimated. It targets a wide range of readers, primarily in the field of academic instruction, but also in business and(More)
Recension This book buys into the current trend of structuring every and any target-oriented interpersonal interaction in education , ongoing education and on-the-job training along competency boundaries. More than anything else, key competency has become a slogan that dominates every program and renders colorless any conventional educational approaches,(More)
The role of the facet joint in low back pain has gained public attention lately. The objective of our study was to investigate whether there is any difference in the adaptation of the cancellous bone in the superior articular process depending on the specific stress condition in different levels of the spine. Therefore, the trabecular structure of the(More)