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Общая теория выбора равновесия в играх / A General Theory of Equilibrium Selection in Games
Книга представляет собой перевод на русский язык последней совместной монографии по теории игр известных авторов - Дж.Харшаньи и Р.Зельтена - нобелевских лауреатов в области экономики 1994 г. ОнаExpand
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Bounded rationality: The adaptive toolbox
In a complex and uncertain world, humans and animals make decisions under the constraints of limited knowledge, resources, and time. Yet models of rational decision making in economics, cognitiveExpand
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End behavior in sequences of finite prisoner's dilemma supergames
Abstract A learning theory is proposed which models the influence of experience on end behavior in finite Prisoner's Dilemma supergames. The theory is compared with experimental results. In theExpand
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Properties of a measure of predictive success
Abstract Area theories for the prediction of experimental results delineate regions of predicted outcomes within the set of all possible outcomes. The difference measure of predictive success forExpand
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Stationary Concepts for Experimental 2x2 Games
Five stationary concepts for completely mixed 2 x 2-games are experimentally compared: Nash equilibrium, quantal response equilibrium, action-sampling equilibrium, payoff-sampling equilibrium (MartinExpand
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Axiomatic Characterization of the Quadratic Scoring Rule
In the evaluation of experiments often the problem arises of how to compare the predictive success of competing probabilistic theories. The quadratic scoring rule can be used for this purpose.Expand
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Spieltheoretische Behandlung eines Oligopolmodells mit Nachfrageträgheit
Herr Ulrich Rabenstein, Gottingen, ist beim Durchrechnen numerischer Beispiele auf Unstimmigkeiten gestosen, uber die er mich dankenswerterweise informiert hat. Diese Unstimmigkeiten waren auf denExpand
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The chain store paradox
The chain store game is a simple game in extensive form which produces an inconsistency between game theoretical reasoning and plausible human behavior. Well-informed players must be expected toExpand
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Commuters route choice behaviour
The paper reports laboratory experiments with a two route choice scenario. Expand
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