Reinhard Mutter

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Functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is becoming more and more popular as an innovative imaging modality for brain computer interfaces. A continuous (i.e. asynchronous) affective state monitoring system using fNIRS signals would be highly relevant for numerous disciplines, including adaptive user interfaces, entertainment, biofeedback, and medical(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate positioning reproducibility using three commercially available breast board immobilization systems for whole breast radiation therapy. METHODS Weekly pre-treatment cone beam CT images from 18 free-breathing breast radiotherapy patients, each immobilized with one of three breast boards, were retrospectively registered to the planning(More)
PURPOSE To derive and examine the robustness of metrics for prediction of dosimetric benefits for left-sided breast cancer patients from a moderate deep inspiration breath-hold (mDIBH) technique. METHODS Radiotherapy treatment plans using a field-in-field tangent approach were retrospectively generated on both free-breathing (FB) and mDIBH CT scans(More)
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