Reinhard Lerch

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The present study was designed to characterize the spread of excitation within the frontal plane of the cat cerebellar cortex following different types of stimuli. In particular, experiments were performed to determine whether the spread of excitation evoked by mossy fibre inputs proceeds primarily along the parallel fibres ("beam-like" spread) or whether(More)
A method for the analysis of piezoelectric media based on finite-element calculations is presented in which the fundamental electroelastic equations governing piezoelectric media are solved numerically. The results obtained by this finite-element calculation scheme agree with theoretical and experimental data given in the literature. The method is applied(More)
Many surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices consist of quasiperiodic structures that are designed by successive repetition of a base cell. The precise numerical simulation of such devices, including all physical effects, is currently beyond the capacity of high-end computation. Therefore, we have to restrict the numerical analysis to the periodic substructure.(More)
Many sensors and actuators in technical systems consist of quasiperiodic structures which are constructed by successive repetition of a base cell. Typical examples are piezoelectric composites used as ultrasonic transducers or surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices utilized in telecommunication systems. The precise numerical simulation of such devices(More)
In the design procedure of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices simple models like Equivalent Circuit Models or the Coupling of Modes (COM) Model are used to achieve short calculation times. Therefore, these models can be used for iterative component optimization. However, they are subject to many simplifications and restrictions. In order to improve the(More)
Understanding vocal fold dynamics presents an essential part in treating voice disorders as it is the prerequisite to appropriate medical therapy. Various physical and numerical models exist for simulation purposes, all relying on simplified material parameters. To improve current approaches, data of realistic tissue behavior, i.e., in natural surroundings,(More)
This paper summarizes the results of a series of performance tests carried out as part of an evaluation of diierent graphics workstations. The graphics performance was determined by Viewperf 5.1. In addition, we present some results of a relatively simple graphics benchmark, which measures the raw performance with regard to Gouraud-shading. In order to get(More)