Reinhard Jarisch

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BACKGROUND Knowledge of allergy patients' perception of own disease is inadequate, and understanding of the impact of local environment, including family and health-care system, on patients' management of disease is insufficient. We examined the potential of telephone-based survey techniques for establishing this knowledge in 10 European countries. (More)
Based on two clinical observations of adverse reactions during exercise with latex sport bands, we aimed to assess the possible risk for allergic patients posed by this equipment by investigating allergen content and IgE binding potential. Protein extracts of three different latex sport bands were characterized with sera of latex allergic patients. The IgE(More)
Allergy diagnosis is based on history, skin-test, RAST and lung functions test. For skin-test a modified PRICK-test is used. In allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma the evaluation of this test is clear, in food-allergies however 50% false positive resp. negative results are seen. Very difficult is the diagnosis in drug allergies. In atopic dermatitis and(More)
The results of specific immuno-therapy are very satisfactory in allergic rhinitis and insect venom allergies (80-95%), less effective in bronchial asthma (60%) in cases of combined intrinsic asthma. Side effects can be avoided by using standardized allergen vaccines, with a premedication of antihistaminesca and with limitation of the maximal dose.
Immunotherapy with Hymenoptera venoms is widely used throughout the world and is accepted as an effective treatment for most patients with Hymenoptera venom allergy. There are, however, still some unresolved problems with this form of treatment. At present there is no definite test which makes it possible to identify patients at risk - and thus candidates(More)
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