Reinhard Haller

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Die Frage, ob Schizophrene ein erhöhtes Kriminalitäts- bzw. Gewalttätigkeitsrisiko aufweisen, wurde in der Vergangenheit kontrovers diskutiert. Zahlreiche epidemiologische Untersuchungen der letzten Jahre kamen jedoch zum übereinstimmenden Ergebnis, dass zwischen schizophrenen Psychosen und Gewalttätigkeit ein moderater, aber zuverlässiger Zusammenhang(More)
This paper presents an attempt to set up the land-use transport interaction model MARS (Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator) for a nation wide case study of Austria. The purpose of the model is to capture the most important interactions and feedback mechanisms between the land-useand the transport system. To this end we adapted the urban MARS model.(More)
We present a randomized double-blind study on the efficacy of caroverine in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The group B Ca2+ channel blocking agent caroverine was tested against meprobamate in inpatient treatment of alcohol withdrawal. Patients of both groups were similar in age, weight, duration of drinking, ingested quantities of alcohol and(More)
Endogeneity and reactivity have long been considered polar opposites of a major dimension of depression. The present factor analytic study examines 35 distinct depressive symptoms in three depressed samples and supports the conceptualization of D. F. Klein (Endomorphic depression. Arch. Gen. Psychiatry, 31:447-454, 1974) that endogeneity and reactivity can(More)
We present the results of an investigation on initial symptomatology of patients with bilateral, symmetrical intracerebral calcification of the basal ganglia (Fahr's syndrome). 62 patients, who because of various neurological or psychiatric symptoms or other reasons were referred to cranial computer-tomography, revealed clear manifestation of Fahr's(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective survey of the incidence of positive scoliosis screenings in schools for the hearing impaired was performed. OBJECTIVES The incidence rate of scoliosis in a population with a high incidence of vestibular dysfunction was compared with the national normative incidence rate. The comparison was done to investigate the contribution(More)
We evaluated the diagnostic value of EEG tracings in cases of non-arteriosclerotic symmetrical calcification of the basal ganglia (Fahr's syndrome). The group of 41 tracings was composed of probands and patients of a family with hereditary occurrence of the syndrome and other patients where the characteristic calcifications were discovered by chance or in(More)
We present a familial study (45 members), in which 31 members have been examined. Seven were afflicted with bilateral symmetrical calcification of the basal ganglia (Fahr's syndrome), as verified by CT scans. The case history and biochemical results for one additional proband, who had died, strongly indicate that this patient also had Fahr's syndrome. The(More)