Reinhard Geisler

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Basic facts on the dynamics of bubbles in water are presented. Measurements on the free and forced radial oscillations of single spherical bubbles and their acoustic (shock waves) and optic (luminescence) emissions are given in photographic series and diagrams. Bubble cloud patterns and their dynamics and light emission in standing acoustic fields are(More)
Particle image velocimetry has been the preferred experimental technique with which to study the aerodynamics of animal flight for over a decade. In that time, hardware has become more accessible and the software has progressed from the acquisition of planes through the flow field to the reconstruction of small volumetric measurements. Until now, it has not(More)
Cavitation bubbles are generated in water by low-energy femtosecond laser pulses in the presence of an ultrasonic field. Bubble dynamics and cavitation luminescence are investigated by CCD photography and photomultiplier measurements in dependence on the phase of the acoustic cycle at which the bubbles are generated. The experimental results demonstrate(More)
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