Reinhard G. Böhmer

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Ion-exchange distribution coefficients are reported for several transition and post-transition elements in solutions of hydrochloric acid (0.1-3.0M) and thiourea on AG50W resins. Some typical elution curves illustrate use of the systems with special reference to the separation of small amounts of gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium and iridium from large(More)
Cation-exchange distribution coefficients for 21 elements between the cation-exchange resin AG50W-X4 and dilute nitric and hydrochloric acid containing up to 2.0M concentration of thiourea are presented. The ion-exchange behaviour of the elements and some possible separations are discussed. Four multi-element elution curves are presented, demonstrating the(More)
The analytical capabilities of high power (2-4 kW) ICPs with argon as inner and intermediate gas and different outer gases (argon, nitrogen, oxygen and air) were studied under optimum and compromise operating conditions. Under the optimum conditions, the lowest detection limits for elements with sensitive atom lines (C, B, Zn) or ion lines (Mg, Mn, Fe, Cr,(More)
By using filter papers impregnated with a manganese oxide hydrate having an average oxidation number of + 3, it is possible to separate (144)Pr from (144)Ce rapidly by the ring-oven technique. With 0.06-0.07M trichloracetic acid as wash-solution, the daughter nuclide can be concentrated in the ring zone with 80-90% yield and decontamination factors > 10(3).(More)
The interaction of noradrenaline, various cation chelators and calcium on Na+, K+-ATPase from rat cerebral cortex plasma membranes was studied. It was shown that chelation of inhibitory cations by EGTA, EDTA and dipyridyl activated Na+, K+-ATPase to the same extent as noradrenaline but at higher concentrations; increasing concentrations of EGTA depressed(More)
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