Reinhard Donath

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A method is described for the fluorescence-spectrophotometric densitometric determination of nitrosamines. For this purpose, foods of animal origin are vacuum-distilled, the distilled-over nitrosamines are extracted with methylene chloride from an acid medium and, after cleavage by hydrogen bromide, the corresponding amines are reacted with(More)
The authors describe a method for the determination of byssochlamic acid in fruit juice. After extraction and purification, byssochlamic acid is separated by thin-layer chromatography on HF 254 silica gel. The quenching of fluorescence of byssochlamic acid is estimated quantitatively on the plate by means of the thin-layer attachment of a fluorescence(More)
The described method enables a simultaneous identification and determination of aflatoxin M1 and B1 in milk and dairy products by means of a self-registering fluorescence spectrophotometer with a thin-layer chromatographic accessory, directly from the plate. The semiquantitative estimation on the thin-layer chromatographic plate enables also routine(More)