Reinhard Bittner

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BACKGROUND Persistent postherniotomy pain (PPP) affects everyday activities in 5-10% of patients. Identification of predisposing factors may help to identify the risk groups and guide anesthetic or surgical procedures in reducing risk for PPP. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in 464 patients undergoing open or laparoscopic transabdominal(More)
For the scientific evaluation of the endoscopic and open mesh techniques for the repair of inguinal hernia, meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCT) are necessary. The Lichtenstein repair is one of the most common open mesh techniques and therefore of special interest. After an extensive search of the literature and a quality assessment, a total(More)
Guidelines are the bridge between science and clinical practice [1]. Science is a dynamic process and it is continuously evolving. Consequently, there is a continual development of new insights necessitation updates of existing guidelines. For this update, the authors concentrated on studies with level of 1 and 2 evidence. All references are marked with the(More)
Laparoscopic transperitoneal hernia repair (TAPP) has proved its efficiency in elective surgery. However, TAPP results with incarcerated hernias still are unknown. Data from a prospective study were evaluated with regard to TAPP repair for both chronically and acutely incarcerated hernias. During a 6-year period, 220 incarcerated hernias were repaired (194(More)
Guidelines are increasingly determining the decision process in day-to-day clinical work. Guidelines describe the current best possible standard in diagnostics and therapy. They should be developed by an international panel of experts, whereby alongside individual experience, above all, the results of comparative studies are decisive. According to the(More)
In 205 patients with necrotizing pancreatitis, surgery was carried out following failure of medical treatment. Intraoperatively, according to the size of the necrotic area and the weight of the surgically removed necrotic tissue, 79 patients showed a limited pancreatic necrosis, and 126 patients an extended necrotizing process. In 40.4% of 138 patients with(More)
Advantages and disadvantages of open and endoscopic hernia surgery are still being discussed. Until now there has been no study that evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of bilateral hernia repair in a large number of patients. Our prospectively collected database was analyzed to compare the results of laparoscopic bilateral with laparoscopic(More)
Selection of an optimal surgical technique for inguinal hernia repair, allowing safe performance and rapid recovery without long-term complaints, may contribute significantly to the reduction of national health care costs. An analysis of current literature regarding surgical techniques, properties of modern meshes, operative complications, recurrence rates,(More)
We performed a scientific evaluation of the efficacy of different surgical techniques for inginual hernia repair and supported our findings by conducting a systematic review of randomized studies comparing endoscopic with open nonmesh suture techniques. After an extensive search of the literature, a total of 27 studies (41 publications) with evidence level(More)