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The long-term results of cardiac surgery in 212 consecutive octogenarians (116 men, 96 women) were reviewed retrospectively. Preoperative functional status, Euroscore, and the incidences of hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were similar in both sexes. Women had more diabetes mellitus (45% versus 25%; p < 0.05) but less renal dysfunction(More)
A retroesophageal right subclavian artery (lusoria) is unusual for the surgeon, yet common regarding pathological findings (0.5-2%). Complications arising from it are rare (dysphagia). We report a case of traumatic descending aortic tear originating from a lusoria. The patient had experienced chest trauma due to a skiing accident. CT scan revealed an(More)
In parallel to the widely known WWW with HTML and Java, IS0 and ITU-T in conjunction with DAVIC have developed standards such as MHEG-5 and DSM-CC that support interactive multimedia services-on-demand. Rather than arguing which development better suits the needs of the users, this article presents the Penguin architecture and corresponding implementation(More)
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