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The domain structure of human cancer cells membranes was investigated by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) in different phases of cell growth, and the results were compared to those obtained for nonmalignant cells. On the basis of computer simulation of the EPR spectra using a newly developed GHOST condensation routine it was suggested that plasma(More)
To test targeted liposomes in an effort to improve drug transport across cellular barriers into the brain. Therefore we prepared Mitoxantrone (MTO) entrapping, rigid and fluid liposomes, equipped with a 19-mer angiopeptide as ligand for LDL lipoprotein receptor related protein (LRP) targeting. Fluid, ligand bearing liposomes showed in vitro the highest(More)
Metastasis is a complex multi-step process which includesextravasation from circulation, followed by invasion into the target organ. This step requires the interaction of different homotypic and heterotypic cell-cell adhesion molecules. It has been already shown that glycoliposomes with the appropriate ligands can inhibit E-selectin mediated tumour cell(More)
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