Reiner Westermann

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BACKGROUND Transluminal interventions via so-called natural orifices are gaining interest because they allow operative treatment without any skin incision. We previously described a transoral access for (para-)thyroid resection in pigs. To proceed with the first clinical trials, we evaluated the safety of the new technique. METHODS Transoral(More)
Translumenal endoscopic interventions via so-called natural orifices are gaining increasing interest because they allow surgical treatment without any incision of the skin. Moreover, minimally invasive procedures have found their way into thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Our goal was to develop a new access for thyroid and parathyroid resection via an(More)
An antibody was raised against “high mobility group” nuclear protein 14 (HMG 14) from calf thymus, known to be associated with actively transcribed chromatin. By means of indirect immunofluorescence, it was shown to react with the nuclei of mouse fibroblasts and of brain cells from Xenopus and Drosophila, but not of Xenopus erythrocytes. The antibody was(More)
We read with interest the letter of Benhidjeb and colleagues [1] in response to our article [2] and are grateful for the opportunity to reply. Benhidjeb and colleagues criticize our claim to the first description of an entirely transoral access for hemithyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy without an accessorial incision of the skin in pigs and human cadavers(More)
BACKGROUND In a prospective study, the differential diagnostic potential of pelvic examination, ultrasound, and serum CA 125 assay in postmenopausal patients presenting with a pelvic mass was assessed. METHODS A total of 228 patients were evaluated preoperatively in an international, multicenter, prospective study using a standard protocol for pelvic(More)
We read with interest the letter of Galatà and Hannan [1] as a response to our paper [2] and are grateful for the opportunity to respond. As stated by Galatà and Hannan, our study aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of a transoral endoscopic approach for thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Deliberately, we did not use the term ‘‘minimally invasive’’ because(More)
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