Reiner Staszewski

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The symmetric group S n on n letters is a metric space with respect to the Hamming distance. The corresponding isometry group is well known to be isomorphic to the wreath product S n S 2. A subset of S n is called a permutation code or a permutation array, and the largest possible size of a permutation code with minimum Hamming distance d is denoted by M(More)
An interesting culture obtained by limiting dilution is less likely to be monoclonal than a random viable culture. Current practice using limiting dilution to establish monoclonal lines of interesting recombinant DNA or hybridoma-derived organisms overestimates the probability that promising cultures are monoclonal, resulting in inadequate dilutions, with(More)
In general the determination of the projective indecomposable modules (PIMs) and their structure for a finite group G over a field F of characteristic p >0 appears to be a very hard problem; it has been dealt with only for a few special types of groups. For instance , the case of a cyclic defect group is presented in [A2]; for the groups SL(2,q) in the(More)
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