Reiner Schätzle

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We study the Γ -convergence of functionals arising in the Van der Waals-Cahn-Hilliard theory of phase transitions. The corresponding limit is given as the sum of the area and the Willmore functional. The problem under investigation was proposed as modification of a conjecture of De Giorgi and partial results were obtained by several authors. We prove here(More)
The weak mean curvature is lower semicontinuous under weak convergence of varifolds that is if μk → μ weakly as varifolds then ‖ ~ Hμ ‖Lp(μ)≤ lim infk→∞ ‖ ~ Hμk ‖Lp(μk) . In contrast, if Tk → T weakly as integral currents then μT may not have locally bounded first variation even if ‖ ~ HμTk ‖L∞(μk) is bounded. In 1999, Luigi Ambrosio asked the question(More)
We consider the spatially inhomogeneous and anisotropic reactiondiffusion equation ut = m(x) −1 div[m(x)ap(x,∇u)] + εf(u), involving a small parameter ε > 0 and a bistable nonlinear term whose stable equilibria are 0 and 1. We use a Finsler metric related to the anisotropic diffusion term and work in relative geometry. We prove a weak comparison principle(More)
We prove the existence of weak solutions to the harmonic map heat flow, and wave maps into spheres of nonconstant radii. Weak solutions are constructed as proper limits of iterates from a fully practical scheme based on lowest order conforming finite elements, where discrete Lagrange multipliers are employed to exactly meet the sphere constraint at(More)
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