Reiner Luckenbach

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is a touch of boulevard theatre that the minority quark (d in the proton) remains intimately close to one of the majority quarks. Obviously, there is no essential difference between the two majority quarks, and there is no doubt that they are exchanged very rapidly, insofar this statement has verifiable consequences. There may be a weak problem with the(More)
The 100th anniversary of Beilstein's Handbook of Organic Chemistry, founded in 1881, merits a brief description of the principal concepts and goals of the literary genre “scientific handbook” in general. Systematic arrangement, critical data and fact evaluation, thoroughness and reliability are among these goals, thus providing the handbook user with a(More)
(15) Waltersson, K. Acta Crystallogr. 1978, A34, 901-905. (16) Brown, I. D. Solid State Ionics 1988, 31, 203-208. (17) Garrett, J. D.; Greedan, J. E.; Faggiani, R.; Carbotte, S.; Brown, I. D. J . Solid State Chem. 1982, 42, 183-190. (18) Villiger, H. DLS Manual; Inst. Krist. Petr. ETH: Zurich, 1969. (19) Brown, 1. D. J . Solid Srare Chem. (in press). (20)(More)
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