Reiner John

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  • Edward A Lester, R John, Hansman
  • 2007
Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) is a technology that can replace secondary surveillance radars and enhance cockpit situational awareness. It also has the potential to enable procedures not possible with current surveillance technology that would increase the capacity of the National Airspace System (NAS) in the US. Certain forms of(More)
  • Nathan A Doble, R John, Hansman
  • 2002
There has been growing interest in using electronic alternatives to the paper Flight Progress Strip (FPS) for air traffic control. However, most research has been centered on radar-based control environments, and has not considered the unique operational needs of the airport air traffic control tower. Based on an analysis of the human factors issues for(More)
  • Mariya A Ishutkina, R John, Hansman
  • 2008
This paper uses both worldwide and country-level analysis to describe the relationship between air transportation and economic activity. In particular, we describe how economic, infrastructural, institutional and geographic factors affect the mapping of cargo and passenger flows to the enabled flows of labor, knowledge, investment, remittances, tourism and(More)
  • Alexander D Donaldson, R John, Hansman, Alexander David Donaldson
  • 2010
The New York airspace is the most congested in the U.S. air transportation network. Increasing capacity in this area is critical to ensure the balanced growth of traffic across the U.S. This study compares the total measured runway capacity at the New York airports with the achieved throughput of the New York airspace. The comparison is performed for six(More)
This paper provides an overview on facts and trends towards the introduction of connected electric vehicle (EV) and discusses how and to what extent electric mobility will be integrated into the Internet of Energy (IoE) and Smart grid infrastructure to provide novel energy management solutions. In this context the EVs are evolving from mere transportation(More)
  • Philippe A Bonnefoy, R John, Hansman, R John Hansman
  • 2005
With the growing demand for air transportation and limited capacity at major airports, there is a need to increase the capacity of airport systems at the metropolitan area level. The increased use of secondary airports has been and is expected to be one of the key mechanisms by which future demand is met in congested metropolitan areas. This thesis provides(More)
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