Reiner Grundmann

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Based on Goffman's definition that frames are general 'schemata of interpretation' that people use to 'locate, perceive, identify, and label', other scholars have used the concept in a more specific way to analyze media coverage. Frames are used in the sense of organizing devices that allow journalists to select and emphasise topics, to decide 'what(More)
In this article, we discuss the advisory capacity of climate science for political, economical and societal decisions. To provide options, open up perspectives and to enhance the understanding for the dynamics of climate is a task we name climate service. After a general discussion, experiences of providing this service on a regional and local scale during(More)
The impact of fertility and the impact of trade are frequently discussed as two separate phenomena in the literature on economic development. However, a very recent theoretical contribution connects these two and …nds that global trade has an asymmetric e¤ect on fertility in developed and developing countries. With this contribution we provide empirical(More)
Aston Business School Research Institute is the administrative centre for all research activities at Aston Business School. The School comprises more than 70 academic staff organised into thematic research groups along with a Doctoral Programme of more than 50 research students. Research is carried out in all of the major areas of business studies and a(More)
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