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Regional modelling of soil organic carbon (SOC) dynamics is important for predicting large-scale patterns in carbon cycling and for assessing potential responses of soil carbon pools to land-use change. However, data uncertainties related to both spatial heterogeneity and small-scale differences in farming practice related to cropping systems affect the(More)
Intercropping has a strong potential to counteract the severe degradation of arable land in the North China Plain (NCP). However, a rapid decline of intercropping can be observed in the last decades. The present paper investigates the reason for this development and suggests solutions on how to adjust intercropping systems to fit modern agriculture.(More)
Water pricing is regarded as the most important and simplest economic instrument to encourage more efficient use of irrigation water in crop production. In the extremely water-scarce Tarim River basin in northwest China, improving water use efficiency has high relevance for research and policy. A Bayesian network modeling approach was applied, which is(More)
Every year sugar beet diseases cause lower sugar beet yields and qualities compared to the average. For that reason, high resolution field and airborne hyperspectral data is used to recognize a fungal sugar beet disease in a study area of south Germany. For the airborne part of the study, multitemporal hyperspectral remote sensing data is provided by an(More)